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Reclaimed by large companies, criticised as much by satirical broadcasts as by a former Democratic president, confiscated by the far right: the term is now a minefield.

Covering the first year of Donald Trump’s mandate, the previous episode of this series ended with one observation: that of its mutation following its cultural appropriation.

Escaped from the African-American vernacular and now mainstream, woke in 2017 was no longer an expression for insiders, but a catch-all label that found itself between a rock and a hard place:


Between 2017 and 2018, after Trump’s arrival in the White House, “woke” entered the dictionary and everyday language. Criticism grew against the word as it moved away from its African-American roots with its appropriation by the general public and then the emergence of the #MeToo movement.

In the U.S, 2017 opens with the inauguration of Donald Trump, and American progressives are hungover. The term takes on its full meaning: it is impossible to remain ‘asleep’ when the daily news, via traditional media as well as social networks, is continuously broadcasting reasons not to turn a blind eye.

However, the…

How did this term from the United States, long exchanged between insiders before going viral on social networks, come to be used in the activist world? And what exactly are we talking about when we label a person, a speech or a progressive movement as ‘woke’?

❶ The first occurrences of the 20th century

In the literal sense, ‘woke’ refers to the past conjugation of the verb ‘to wake’. In a colloquial register linked to the African-American community, the term sometimes replaces the adjective ‘woken’ or ‘awakened’, the opposite of asleep. …

In his program at the beginning of February devoted to the “American divide”, Alain Finkielkraut asks the following question to his guest Roger Cohen (head of the Paris office of the ): (oh my!).

Cohen’s answer seems to me to be particularly relevant:

Stuck somewhere between the dominant Just Chatting and video games, the Twitch Art category is slowly making its mark. Here’s a little exploration.

On Friday at 22:30, while France is painfully chasing the second episode of a Netflix series or a surprise speech by Emmanuel Macron, the real ones know that a successful second half of the evening is spent on Twitch. The platform is an ideal prelude to sleep, to end the day gently, as long as you avoid video game-centric streams. And what better ‘pre-sleep’ ritual than to watch artists painting, drawing, glueing, sewing or colouring more or…

Illustration : Tomo Kihara / TheirTube

What if you could tell Facebook which ads you like and let YouTube know about your love of 90s California hip-hop? A truly personalized algorithm… win-win. CTRLZ wanted to explore this algorithmic utopia.

At first, everything was fine. You got to know each other, he surprised you with daring and unexpected suggestions. Then it became routine. The more he got to know you, the less risk he took. The same things, . It was too much, it was time to take things in hand.

He is your recommendation algorithm. And you’re not the only one who’s tired of him…

Although they are not new, ‘daily’ memes are experiencing a resurgence in popularity with the health crisis, particularly on Twitter. How can this phenomenon be explained? What does it say about our relationship with time (in times of pandemic) and humour (at work)?

“Thursday what a concept”, “Captain it’s only Wednesday”, you’ve probably seen them pass by in your Twitter timeline. These bot accounts (or not, for that matter), respectively publish every Thursday and every Wednesday these captions from the Netflix series (a modern retelling of Groundhog Day) and from a Tintin album. …

From pioneering cryptophiles to the luxury industry, via media billionaires, NFT is rapidly becoming popular. Even to the average Internet user? CTRLZ takes a look at the situation with Manuel Valente, research director of Coinhouse, and Andrew CM, co-founder of Valuables.

$ 2.9 million. That’s what Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet is worth, according to its buyer, Sina Estavi, the head of a cryptocurrency company. The most expensive tweet in the brief history of tweet trading — three months since the launch of Valuables, the platform that enabled the deal.

Photo : Albin Wagener

Je vous propose aujourd’hui une conversation très calme sur un terme très polémique qu’il est difficile d’éviter en ce moment dans les médias et que j’ai moi-même muté de Twitter : l’islamo-gauchisme. Je ne sais pas s’il a gangrené nos universités comme le prétend le ministre de l’éducation mais ce qui est certain c’est que l’islamo-gauchisme a gangrené certains discours politiques et surtout, nos espaces médiatiques.

Alors, au-delà de la polémique, quelle est la réalité du terrain de la recherche ? Pourquoi la décolonnialité et l’intersectionnalité sont des sujets aussi sensibles et considérés par certains comme aussi dangereux ? Pourquoi…

Capture d’écran de Twitch Does Pixel Art

Coincée quelque part entre les Just Chatting dominants et le jeu vidéo, la catégorie Art de Twitch fait peu à peu son trou. Petite exploration.

Vendredi 22h30, alors que la France enchaine péniblement sur un deuxième épisode de série Netflix ou une allocution surprise d’Emmanuel Macron, les vrais savent qu’une seconde partie de soirée réussie se passe sur Twitch. La plateforme est un prélude idéal au sommeil, pour finir la journée de manière douce, pour autant que l’on évite les streams centrés sur le jeu vidéo. …


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